2020: The Albums I Didn't Enjoy

A couple of years ago I began offering a brief roundup of the new releases of a given week on social media, framing the recommendations as albums I enjoyed. It's not a perfect system. "Enjoyed" is a phrase that's slightly fuzzy, one that doesn't convey the depth of passion for a given album. Weekly updates are also tied to the vagaries of the week, the length of the list fluctuating according to release schedules, assignments and life itself. A recap also is a snapshot of a moment; my opinions may change or fade over time. Invariably, my list will not include worthwhile or noteworthy albums from a given week but the absence of a mention doesn't necessarily mean I haven't heard a record: it's also possible that I heard it and didn't like it much, or maybe I heard it and, for a variety of reasons, didn't find it particularly enjoyable.

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